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Essence + Artistry is the culmination of my professional and personal experience, lifestyle and dreams, all wrapped up into one labor of love. It is part work, part passion and part practice. 

My mission with this work is to help you feel more aligned with your true self. Through photo sessions, transformation of space, experiences and tools for elevated well-being, my goal for you is to feel seen, supported, inspired, vibrant and strong. Even if you feel a touch or a spark more of the above than you did prior to working with me, I've fulfilled my purpose.


I am and always have been absolutely enamored with light: the science, perception and sensation of it. Combining this with my passion for creative expression, psychology & nature, I pursued a path in the visual arts. I received my BFA in Photography from CU Boulder, with understudies in Sculpture, Astronomy, Psychology and Philosophy, and have been fortunate enough to show my artwork around the country and the world: Colorado, California, New York, Chile, Spain & Mexico.

Whether I'm working with people, landscapes, objects or details, I strive for a strong sense of luminosity and contrast, mixed with beautiful gradients of color and natural light. My goal is to bring out the most true and beautiful essence of a person or thing, and the artistry of light plays a huge role in achieving this. The rest is achieved through my down-to-earth personality, ability to connect with people on a real level, and my playful spirit!


I have always loved photographing people, connecting with nature, adventuring to beautiful spaces, and capturing what I see and feel along the way. As a young 22 year old, I encountered some detours and health challenges, which led me through a complete lifestyle transformation. Healing from the inside out has been my soul-work for the past 20 years, which has given me numerous tools to support my physical & emotional health. 

I had to set art and photography aside through part of my healing process, but eventually, it led me back to my soul and still guides me today.  Through photography, I am able to connect to the awe-inspiring beauty and infinite spirit of nature. I work with people who want to express themselves and their stories. I get to connect to their innate magic, reflect their beauty back to them in a new way, and translate their truth out for the world to see. I absolutely love this job.

My true purpose is to merge my creative gifts with my lifestyle tools in a way that inspires, guides and empowers others to elevate their own well-being. My mission is to help you align with your true essence and shine your light!



Photographer, ARTIST, assistant & editor



Since I was a young girl, I always had a camera in my hand documenting my world. Once my daughter was born, my inspiration and love of the art developed. She became my muse. My photography became less about documenting and more about my artistic expression.

I still love to document life and moments for others, but am able to bring in my own point of view. The way I use light, my editing techniques and how I show true expression in my subjects makes it my art form.


I come from an emotional point of view; I don't over plan but am led by the moment. I want to convey the love, joy, and sadness that I see in my subjects or translate my own feelings and inner struggles though my models or self-portraits.

My photos are an expression of the deepest parts of me, communicating what I'm not able to verbally.  They are also a way to give back and bring joy to others. As an eclectic artist I use different photographic outlets and pull inspiration from all aspects of my life in order to create what is meaningful to me.