Story time...why I moved to Arizona.

Hi friends! Thank you for reading blog post numero uno!…why I moved to the strange and beautiful desert called Arizona. With the exception of 2 years in southern California, I am a Colorado girl through and through. In February of last year, I took a little winter escape into the desert to warm my bones, and a big piece of my heart and spirit was awakened in Phoenix. I didn’t plan this, it was a random-ish trip and before I left, I knew I was going to move here. And watch how quickly things happen when your spirit decides, because I was living here less than 2 months later.

I’ve tried to write this post for like a year so I’m not going to over-think it this time. This year is about trying on new ways of expression, and facing the fear of showing the true, imperfect and messy human that I am, so I can connect more honestly with the same parts of you. Part of my journey out here is to exercise courage. My goal is to share more, and in doing so, hopefully serve and inspire others in small and big ways. And so it is!

I moved to Arizona because I wanted to refresh my perspective on life, work, nature, creativity, home and health. It’s pretty much that simple, but the process has been a wild ride, every step of the way. Now that I have 10 months under my belt, all I can say is woah. I have most definitely gotten what I asked for, and more. I have fallen down a bunch of times, and it hasn’t been easy whatsoever, but it’s been good for my continued growth and expansion in life…so far here’s what I’ve gotten out of my shifted perspective


The ever-present question: What matters most in life?

The last few years, I got a little too wrapped up in what other people were doing and thinking, comparing myself, and too focused on what was missing in my life. This left me feeling jealous, depleted and not focused on how I can live my best life, both for me and in service to others. I needed to remember what my core truth is. I felt like stepping away for a while was one way to achieve some perspective and focus on what I DO have and what I do have to offer. Definitely didn’t have to move, but I like a good adventure more than anything else and felt divinely guided to Arizona, so I went for it! Moving has gotten me out of my comfort zone big time, and also shown me the ways in which I hide, avoid, pretend, under serve myself and block love. It has been a real doozie to witness, but the greatness is that it has clarified what feels most important to me in the big picture.

Alignment : Being in alignment with our true selves : accepting our darkness, honoring our light, and getting clear and honest about how we FEEL about it all.
Whatever we don’t feel good about, work on changing, and whatever we love and honors our highest good, do more of.

Autonomy / Freedom : Finding stability, peace and strength in solitude and practicing this every day to become more self assured and solid with age.

Connection : Being in true connection with our self, others and nature. We need these relationships in order to thrive on this planet.

Love : The ability to give and receive love, and being ok with this looking different for each of us, and that we are constantly learning how to love ourselves and each other more fully.

Trust : Trusting the divine guidance that we receive each day. Being open to the possibility and growth found in surrender.

Compassion : Kindness counts big time because you never know what someone else is going through. Always approach situations with a kind heart.

Lightness of being : Not taking life too seriously is where it’s at.

Health : Of utmost importance to quality of life, more on that below.


How can I best serve with my work?

For me, this is so big. Maybe it’s a Capricorn thing, but I put so much of my life purpose and identity into my work. I absolutely have to have my life purpose BE my work. I wish some days I could go to an office and do my job and then go home and live my life! But nooooo, I have to integrate them or else I feel like life is not worth living (a blessing and a curse!) My greatest dual purpose in life is to help others manifest their dreams and to help others heal. I do both in small and big ways, directly and indirectly. Over the course of my career, I found myself doing this in too many ways, which left me feeling spread thin. So I wanted to simplify, align and clarify what feels the most true and sustainable for me, and the most helpful and inspiring to others. I will always enjoy doing multiple things, it’s in my nature. I have never been the person to pick one thing and do it for 40 years until I retire. Pros and cons to this existence, but it’s the truth of who I am and I’m gonna do my best to own it. Below are the ways I can help you manifest your dreams and inspire you to heal and feel better.

Photography : This is my passion and my best skill. I love creating photos, and especially when it can help others manifest or share their dreams. I have done every single type of photography under the sun but have singled out 2 forms of photography that light me up : 1 - Branding photography for lifestyle entrepreneurs and 2 - Nature based art photography that brings a sense of calm & ethereal beauty to your space.

Retreats : My love of travel and nature mixed with the power of taking time away from everyday life has inspired me to partner with some incredible wellness teachers, to help manifest, facilitate and photograph retreats. The healing I have experienced personally on retreat has been a profound impact on my mental and physical well-being. I have one retreat coming up in May led by Cheryl Deer. Check it out here.

Essential Oils : I found essential oils about 15 years ago when I worked for Aveda (meaning “All Knowledge” in Sanskrit). At the time, I knew they had healing properties but mostly loved them because they smelled so damn good. Every time I walked into a room, people would tell me how good I smelled, so naturally I kept wearing them, ha! Then in about 2003, I was introduced to doTERRA (meaning “Of the Earth” in Latin) and fell in love all over again. Through doTERRA, I have learned the science and practice of using essential oils to support your overall well being. They have impacted my health in big ways, and I want to share that with others.

(Yes, this is a Network Marketing company, which I have zero judgments about, because this kind of company allows people to build a business at their own pace and in their own way, which I love! Some people do it in a way that gives the entire industry a bad name. And some do it gracefully and professionally, as a way to genuinely help other people heal and find freedom. I am the latter. Regardless of the business model, doTERRA essential oils changes lives, and I am on board with that.)

Cards & Crystals : Manifesting intentions is my jam, and we typically need a little support, tools and magic to help us get there. I create beautiful affirmation cards to support your sense of gratitude, alignment, connection to the Earth and to your self. These can be to simply help you get through the day, or to channel the incredible power within you to make big things happen in life.

Kelly Eileen