Rebranding from Kelly Shroads Photography

A couple years ago, after doing business under Kelly Shroads Photography for 17 years, I felt ready to step into a new chapter. My goal was to represent my photography work & lifestyle offerings more clearly, so I can serve my clients and community with more passion and connection to my art and truth as a person, as well as make room for new areas of study and helping others.

Re-branding my business was a part of this, and was long and beautiful collaboration with my designer and guide, Meg Jamison of Soul Work, definitely check her out. She helps entrepreneurs like me find clarity in their story, strength in their gifts, and a beautiful platform and pathway to sharing it all.

So after many months (ok a couple years ;) of visioning and creating, I finally launched my new brand, Kelly Eileen | Essence + Artistry. My first name, Kelly is Irish and means vibrant warrior. Eileen is my middle name and means bringer of light. Essence + Artistry is about helping others embody their true essence, practicing the art of expressing who we really are, and creating beauty through contrast. It is a culmination of my professional experience as a photographer, my personal experience with lifestyle & well-being, and my continued evolution as a creative entrepreneur. 

My mission... 

is to help you feel more aligned with your true self so you can shine brighter in life and work. Through photography sessions, transformation of space, experiences and tools for elevated well-being, my goal for you is to feel seen, supported, inspired, vibrant & strong.


Specifically, my services include lifestyle & branding photography, curated wall art, support for yoga retreats, essential oil coaching + shopable gifts and tools for daily intention practices & retreats.

I will continue sharing more throughout the year, but for now, please feel free to check out my new website below, follow me on instagram, or just drop me a note and say hello. I hope to see you in person, be of service in some way or collaborate with you soon! Cheers to embracing the change of spring, change in life and all the adventures that you embark on along the way.

- Kelly

Kelly Eileen